Renting a Photo Booth – Things To Consider

Renting a Photo Booth: A photo booth rental is an awesome way to make your next event a huge success. A photo booth rental is a great way to promote your event and get people talking about it for weeks … Read More

How To Maximize Your Photo Booth Rental

The photo booth rental industry has seen many changes over the years. As with most things, the market is constantly changing and evolving. In this article, we will discuss the best ways to maximize your photo booth rental. The first … Read More

Photo Booth Tips for Wedding Events

Photo booth rentals can be the perfect addition to your event.  Renting a photo booth provides extra fun.  Here are some Photo Booth Tips to make sure you get the most of your photo booth rental. Photo Booth Tips to … Read More

Photo Booth Rentals …What to Ask

Are you planning a birthday party, corporate event, wedding or other celebration?  Photo booth rentals are terrific for adding spontaneity to your celebration. There are several photo booth companies for you to choose from. Do you know the ideal questions … Read More

A Photobooth Rental Adds a Timeless Touch to a Normal Occasion

Photobooth Rental: All of us remember the good old days of being teenagers and going in the photo booths at neighborhood shopping malls and hang around areas. Currently, you can add that classic touch to any ordinary occasion you might … Read More

Renting Out a Photo Booth – Classic Vs Open Format

Photo Booth: If you’re shopping around for a photo booth for a wedding or other social event, you may have discovered there are  2 significantly different kinds available. There’s the traditional game style booth with personal privacy curtains.  There’s additionally … Read More

Using a Photo Booth

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A Party Photo Booth is a large box placed on any spot for taking instant photos. They are placed in locations where there are a lot of people who are ready to spend money on attractions and souvenirs. The pictures … Read More

5 Photo Booth Benefits of Having at Your Event

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The photo booth is becoming popular in the event these days that is why you need five tips or photo booth benefits, it is generally kept in the entrance where people can pose for the pictures and lock their memories … Read More

Five Reasons Why You Should Have a Wedding Photo Booth

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When it comes to planning your wedding day, you have to manage many things for the day like a wedding photo booth. With the basic needs of the wedding, you also need to take care of the entertainment part of … Read More

The Right Photo Booth Rental for Your Party

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Only a few years ago, the idea of having a photo booth inside a big event reception is not very common. In fact, it is considered a novel concept at the time because of how unique it is. Today, having … Read More

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