Photo Booth Rentals …What to Ask

Are you planning a birthday party, corporate event, wedding or other celebration?  Photo booth rentals are terrific for adding spontaneity to your celebration. There are several photo booth companies for you to choose from. Do you know the ideal questions to ask?   Listed below questions to ask every photo booth company. It is important to ask these questions. One variable could change the quality of your photo booth experience.

1.) Does your Photo Booth fit guests with unique demands?

People with handicap impairments will certainly want to enjoy the photo booth as well. Some companies make you stand while taking the photo. This makes handicap access difficult. The business you select should have a way that enables them to fit inside the booth easily.

2.)  How many people fit inside the booth?

A lengthy line isn’t for your guests.  You want them to have fun.  Some companies permit 3-4 people at once.  Others claim the more the merrier. Your booth needs to be both classy and guest friendly.

3.) Can you provide me with a list of recommendations?

A checklist of referrals is essential for establishing good service. You want to know what previous customers think. Any type of reliable business will be delighted to provide you referrals. Online references are also a great way to check the satisfaction of previous customers.

4.) How will guests obtain pictures after my occasion?

Many Photo Booth Rentals give you a copy of your images right away. Many firms have online galleries.  However, what about your pictures of your guests? Are you provided a copy of all the pictures?   What about extra prints for the groups in the photo booth?  They will want extra prints also. The company you choose can tell you how they distribute photos.

5.) Are there hidden costs?

No one desires hidden fees.  Nor do you wish to pay for things you don’t want.  Some photo booth companies include traveling, set up, and also tear-down; others do not.  Additional charges may be for a memory book, personalized logo on the photo strips, or additional prints.  It is nice to understand these costs upfront.

In conclusion, you and a photo booth provider desire a positive experience for you and your guests.  Keeping in mind the questions above will certainly help you attain that.

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