Themed Parties

Themed PartiesCleveland Photo Booth Rental is the premier photo booth company, specializing in themed parties, graduations, weddings, corporate events, rock and roll parties, Valentine’s Day parties or any other event or party you can dream of. Themed parties are super fun and amazing. And adding a photo booth to such a party makes it just more exciting.

Photo booths are the ultimate icebreaker at themed parties. And they help in preserving memories for the host. And are an instant party favor for your friends. Our mission is to make sure that you and your guests have the best photo booth experience. We use the finest booths which ensure perfect picture and video quality.

Capture moments at your themed parties by taking photos inside our photo booths and then share the images with your friends and family. Photo booths actually have the power to create life long memories. When after years you look at a photo from a 10-year-old Halloween themed party, you will get to relive that day and all the fun you had. There is nothing like a bit of rivalry at themed parties to see who comes wearing the best costume and to who can strike the goofiest strip of photos. You would want your guests to have an amazing time at your themed party, so why not do it the right way?

Party Photo Booth

  • Hollywood Theme Party: Hollywood theme parties are definitely a night to remember! So, why not add a bit of excitement to the Hollywood themed party by adding a photo booth from Cleveland Photo Booth Rentals. Your guests would surely love to see a photo booth at your party when they come all dressed up according to the theme. The photo booth will capture the progress of the night in style. Once the curtain closes, there is no telling what your guests would be up to for celebrating your themed party. With unlimited photos, your guests will have a chance to take home the memories made, while you get to keep your own memories as well.
  • Halloween: Photobooths at Halloween parties are becoming more and more popular every day. Your guests will be arriving at your Halloween party all dressed up in scary costumes and masks. So why not give them an opportunity to capture these memories? Renting a photo booth from Cleveland Photo Booth Rental is absolutely perfect for a Halloween party. You can customize the photo booth accordingly and add scary-looking props and signs as well. Some of your guests might have spent a lot of time putting together their Halloween costume. And they would be absolutely thrilled when they see a photo booth at your party. The booth will allow them to strike crazy. And also silly poses in their costumes and will capture high-quality photos on the spot. Make your Halloween party one to remember by renting a photo booth from us.


  • Sports Theme Party: A photo booth from Cleveland Photo Booth Rentals is the best way to capture memories at sports theme parties. Capture and share memories with your team by having a photo booth at your party. You can even rent a photo booth that is big enough to accommodate your whole team! Enjoy your sports theme party with amazing props and make memories.
  • Rock and Roll Party: Rock and roll parties can get a bit loud and crazy, and kids absolutely love these kinds of parties! And when we talk about kids of this era, they are crazy about snapping photos. So, why not give them the perfect opportunity by renting a photo booth for this party? Go crazy with your guests and capture weird and amazing photos.