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Photo booth rentalCleveland Photo Booth Rental: We want to ask you one question, what is it that matters to you when you are planning the most important and fabulous event of your life? You want to make sure that you and everyone else at your event will have the time of their life.

It is also important that you somehow make this experience memorable and something that is worth remembering. You want to add that extra charm to your event that can leave your guests talking for months, or maybe even years.

Let’s be honest; details matter the most at your event. The dress, the music, the food; all these things should be perfect for making your party worth remembering. But, what else? How can you make sure that everyone at the party will have fun and enjoy the night?

Here’s an idea; how about setting up a photo booth at your party? Who needs a photographer when you have a customized photo booth filled with crazy props? Yes! That is precisely the kind of wow factor your party needs. Plan this photo booth experience with us and give yourself some peace of mind.

Our Photo Booths:

  • Unlike other similar companies, which only offer you basic backgrounds, we specialize in a lot more than that. We use green screen technology so that our clients can enjoy a customizable royal experience.
  • Our photo booths are customized just for you and your night so that we can help you out in making the photo booth just as you want it to be. We have a dynamic green screen technology that creates backgrounds so that you can have your chosen colors, images, and textures that will make your pictures even more special.
  • Photo booths are fun for all ages, and they indeed produce great party favors! We are the most experienced photo booth company in Cleveland, and that is why we provide you the very best, not only in services but quality as well. The photo booth professionals that we have are always here to assist you in every way possible, and this is done with class.

Holiday party Photo Booth

Other Considerations

  • Have a look at our attractive and sleek photo booths that deliver the classiest technology available, giving you the option of both black color and black & white photo strips. Throughout Cleveland, photo booths have become quite popular, and that too for a good reason; they let you have so much fun for yourself and your guests.
  • Every photo booth session that we offer has double prints of the 4 picture photo strip. That means you can create a scrapbook of your own and have fun doing it too!
  • We offer a straightforward process. Guests enter our automated photo booth, which takes four photos in every session. Once the session is finished, it will print out two copies of the session in only 15 seconds.
  • The guests can keep the pictures with themselves or add a copy to the scrapbook and write a personal message along with it. The result of this is undoubtedly amazing because you will have a collection of priceless memories along with the comments of your guests.

Avail of our services and make your party or celebration extra special. So, let your hair down (metaphorically speaking, we wouldn’t want you to ruin your updo), get in the booth with your guests, and get ready for amazing, crazy-faced poses and priceless memories.

Cleveland photo booth.300

Our Booth Rental

Cleveland Photo Booth Rental will make sure that you and your guests will enjoy our photo booth services. They are perfect for every type of event, so what are you waiting for? Go right ahead and avail of our services for that next big event! We are dedicated to making your events unforgettable. Corporate events, parties, fundraisers, weddings, mitzvahs, and reunions are special occasions for some fun.

Unite all your friends for fun and hilarity for a great photo booth experience.  Cleveland Photo Booth Rental is a premier photo booth rental in Cleveland. We deliver the best first-class experience to all the customers.

Our service makes sure that all your needs are fulfilled. Thus, our teams go above and beyond to provide you with first-class photo booth rental service. We offer fabulous packages and photo booths with technological advancements, professional staff, and low prices.

Cleveland Photo Booth Rental takes pride in delivering exceptional photo booth services around Cleveland.  We provide you with a chic photo booth to enjoy with your guests. The quality of the print is outstanding.

Partygoers wait in lines and pile outside the booth to experience our photo booth services. When you go home, you take the evidence of the best photo booth rental service. You go home with the satisfaction of an unforgettable event. Cleveland Photo Booth Rental sure adds excitement to your event.

We Value Our Photo Booth Rental Customers

The most significant advantage of Cleveland Photo Booth Rental is that we value YOU. Just tell us what you have in mind, and we do everything in our power to make it happen. Compare Cleveland Photo Booth Rental with others, and you will find out where we stand.

Photo booth blowup style 1

Numerous Photo Booth Rental Options

Cleveland Photo Booth Rental captures all your original, candid and unforgettable moments.  Our photo quality takes fantastic quality photos through advanced cameras. We have high-definition printers to provide you with the best printed result.

You will not find any other photo booth that can beat us in quality. All our pictures have a protective coating for a finished look, and they last forever. You will also get a digital copy of your photos on a disc. You can choose the number of pictures in a strip and the orientation of your photos.

Cleveland Photo Booth Rental provides other customizable options such as graphic layouts and original messages with full colors and text.

Cleveland Photo Booth rentals have a stylish interior. They are large enough to accommodate group photos. We provide well-equipped photo booths with velvet curtains and white and black backdrops. Enjoy even more with candid shots of you and your friends.

Spending time in our photo booths with friends is a lot of fun. Enjoy even more when you set out to collect your print.

Photo Booth Rental Props

Cleveland Photo Booth Rental provides fully equipped photo booths. Every rental comes with accessories without extra charges. Our photo booths are like treasure boxes for you to find exciting stuff.

Get creative and enjoy with our props such as mustaches, glasses, hats, and much more. If you want us to add something special, Cleveland Photo Booth Rental personalizes the props according to your needs.

Time to Pose!

The best thing about Cleveland Photo Booth Rental is that we make it our mission to satisfy you with the best professional attention. We have built our name in the industry through quality and outstanding photo booth rental service in Cleveland.

Our professional staff of workers maintains a perfect photo booth for you and your guests all night long. Thus, you don’t have to worry about anything.

We Offer:

  • Your guests can get a customized message written according to the event
  • We provide online photos for viewing
  • An unlimited number of photos during the rental
  • We don’t charge any extra costs for your guests. All photos are a part of the photo booth rental package
  • Colors and prints can be chosen by your guests
  • We provide high-quality printed photos

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