Holiday Parties

holiday partiesHoliday Parties: Cleveland Photo Booth Rental is the most reliable rental company for photo booths.  This is possible due to a number of reasons because the real fun of photography comes with a photo booth. With these, the guests at your party can take unlimited prints to their homes and create memorable photos.

Holiday parties are perfect for renting photo booths because they give you and your guests a chance to make memories together and keep them forever. Give your friends and family at the party a fun and easy way to meet and interact with each other, and get them indulged in blunt moments the entire night.

Cleveland Photo Booth Rental serves you in the best way possible. We have the power to make your holiday party a true success. And give your guests a chance to take crazy photos. With our photo booths, holiday parties are captured with ease and in a fun way. The photo booth will be able to capture moments of your holiday party with stunning high-resolution that can be shared instantly with printed photo strips.

Holiday Parties

  • New Year’s Eve: This time of the year is a special one because it embarks the beginning of a new year. The New Year’s Eve is certainly a night to remember and to make memories at. So, why not add a bit of spice and excitement to your holiday party by renting a photo booth from us. Your guests at the party would be thrilled and you can bet your New Year party would be remembered for a long time. Capture the progress of the night with automated photos. Once your guests are inside the booth and the curtain closes, you can’t tell what goes on in there. But, you can be sure about one thing; you will find some crazy photos once the night is over.
  • Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day parties are fun to throw because love is in the air. Since it’s Valentine’s Day party, which means your guests would mostly be coming in pairs of two. And they would absolutely love it if they happen to stumble upon a photo booth at your party. That’s where they can take their photos and cherish them for years to come. Since Valentine day is all about making memories with your loved ones, renting a photo booth at Valentine’s Day party is an amazing idea. Once the curtain closes, the couple would have some privacy to enjoy taking some intimate photos.


  • Fourth of July: The fourth of July is another great opportunity for renting a photo booth from Cleveland Photo Booth Rentals. It is a holiday that should be celebrated in the right way and with the right enthusiasm. When you rent a photo booth at a Fourth of July party, your guests would not only love your party, but they would defiantly stay till later. This means that your party would surely be a success. The guests will talk about what a great idea it was to have a photo booth at your holiday party.
  • St. Patrick’s Day: Another holiday party where you can rent a photo booth from Cleveland Photo Booth Rental is St. Patrick’s Day. This holiday comes only once a year, so why not celebrate it in the best way possible? Rent a photo booth and allow your guests to snap photos with their friends and take one the photos. A great bonus is that you will be able to create a scrapbook of your party. And keep the memories forever.
  • Mardi Gras: This holiday party is also perfect for renting a photo booth from us.