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Photo Booth RentalsCleveland Photo Booth Rentals is the best photo booth renting company in town. We use the latest digital technology and lighting to provide you and your friends with professional quality pictures and videos. Every single time when someone enters the booth for a picture, they will not only smile for the camera, but they can also choose to record a digital message just for you!

Our photo booths are fully automated and always ready to take your photo, but just to make sure that everything goes right, there is always an attendant close by making sure that every moment is picture perfect.

As you and your friends enter the booth, the background of your choice will appear on one side of the booth, and the LCD screen, studio light and camera on the other side. Once you have entered the booth, the curtain will be closed to give you and your friends some privacy.

As you and your guests position themselves for a photograph, the LCD screen will be displaying instructions. You will also see a labeled illuminated start button, which should be pressed once you and your guests are all set for a pose. The instructions offered on the LCD screen are tips telling you about positioning the group in the center of the frame and reminds you to smile.

Photo Booth Rentals

At Cleveland Photo Booth Rental, we understand that each of our clients is unique, so it is our number one priority to make sure that we give everyone a customized, unique and individual photo booth experience. We give them the choice of having custom backgrounds so that they can have the photo booth customized according to the event.

Having a photo booth at your party or celebration is a stylish and modern approach. We also give our clients the opportunity to decide whether they want a booth big enough for fifteen people or less. So, decide for yourself if you want the freedom of fitting a whole baseball team into a single shot or enjoying the privacy of an enclosed booth; we can give you either choice.

In addition to that,

we also offer you a wide range of signs and props to choose from. These props and signs can give your photo a little flare. Seeing your CEO at your retirement party wearing a feather bra or your grandmother on your birthday wearing a Viking helmet makes an unforgettable image and memory.

We at Cleveland Photo Booth Rental love celebrations; and we take part in numerous events such as birthdays, weddings, corporate events, graduations, Halloween parties, and any other celebration or party you can think of. Throughout the whole event, our team members are working to create a scrapbook of your event.

Every time the camera snaps a photo, two photo strips come out; one for your scrapbook and one for your guest. Plus, we love technology and social media, your guest can download the photos right there and then for sharing and uploading. We give you the choice of either allowing us to display your scrapbook on our website or if you are a bit shy, we can always make it private.

Cleveland Photo Booth Rental is not just a regular photo booth company; we give our clients the opportunity to capture the best moments of their lives in the most fun and epic way. We want our clients to take us as a portable portrait studio which comes with amazing props and signs.

A photo booth actually has the power to bring together an event and we make sure that you have the best experience with photo booths. So strike your best pose, smile and put on those goofy sunglasses with us at Cleveland Photo Booth Rentals!