Photo Booth Rental: How to Maximize Your Rental

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Photo Booth Rental: When planning for an event, you need several activities to keep your guests entertained. If you want a fun party, you definitely need to provide your guests with light entertainment to keep the atmosphere of the party up. You don’t want to get tagged as that boring party guy. Of course, you want to ensure that your party is lively and fun for all the guests attending.

One cool idea is to rent a photo booth for your party. It is a unique activity that isn’t as popular as it ought to be. There are so many possibilities with photo booths. Your guests can dress up however they like. They can be as goofy as they want to be. The crazier they are, the better the photos are going to be. A photo booth is a great excuse to do silly stuff. It certainly adds another flavor to the party. If done right, your party will be the talk of the town.

Here are some helpful tips when renting a photo booth. These tips will ensure that your guests will enjoy this new and hip activity.

Photo Booth Rental available on cocktail hour

When you have guests over, you know that parties tend to go live during cocktail hour. Most guests are looking for something to do during this hour. Make your photo booth available during this time to give them something to do. This activity is also a great conversation starter which is a good thing for big parties and events.

Make the photo booth obvious to guests

Ensure that the photo booth is visible to guests. You should not stick the photo booth in the lonely corner of a room. Place it somewhere visible and obvious. You want your guests to participate and have fun inside the photo booth. That won’t be possible if the photo booth is placed in the far corner of the party.

Request cool costumes and accessories for your photo booth

When you rent a photo booth, you should request additional costumes and accessories for your party. If your party has a theme, you can ask the company if they have something of the sort. If you want, you can even provide your own costumes. Just make sure to get your costumes back once the party’s over.

Ask if they will provide Photo Booth Rental digital copies of the pictures

The best thing about photo booths today is they are all digital. This means that all pictures are stored digitally and can be replicated seamlessly. Some companies don’t give out digital copies of the pictures they take. Some would request additional payment for digital copies. When searching for a company to rent from, you need to ask if they would provide digital pictures to the renter. It’s a good thing to have since it would make duplication easier.

Request fancy lights inside the Photo Booth Rental

You want your guests to look good inside the photo booth. To ensure that your guests will look their best inside the photo booth, you need to do a simple lighting adjustment. Make sure that the lights inside the photo booth have a slight yellow hue. This will flatter features and will generally make anyone look better. Also, the camera placement is important. Try to make the camera shoot at around 50 – 80 mm focal length. This is the most flattering focal length for human features.

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