Differences Between Indoor vs Outdoor Photo Booth Rental

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photo booth rentalEngaging the services of a photo booth rental is excellent until you appear at the crossroad where you have to choose between an indoor photo booth rental and outdoor photo booth rental. This is so because the two types of photo booth rental services have some merits which differentiate them each other.

While these photobooth rental services have been created to almost have the same primary function, adequate care must be given to understand the type of events which can be used for the photobooth rental services.

An enclosed (indoor) photo rental service includes all photo booths which are bounded by four walls made from solid or fabric materials. They are often referred to as private photo booth rental service, and it creates an enabling environment to enjoy qualities pictures with friends, family members. An outdoor photo booth rental services, just as the name implies, they are photo booths which offer a photo booth without walls or any form of a backdrop.

Differences between indoor and outdoor photo booth rental services

  1. Capacity

This has to do with the total number of individuals a photo booth can accommodate at a given time. While an indoor photo booth rental is limited in the total number of people it allows to gain access into the photo booth, it is imperative to note that an outdoor photobooth rental can hold as many individuals as possible.

  1. Privacy

Some photos require a high level of privacy. An indoor photo booth rental offers a higher level of privacy as compared with the outdoor photo booth. The use of an indoor photo booth is more comfortable regarding manipulating the environment and makes it more appealing. An enclosed or indoor photo booth will give you a chance to be as creative as possible and help keep the venue entertained.

  1. Ease of access

Accessing the services offered by the two types of photo booth services is one of the best criteria to capitalize on whenever you are choosing a photo booth rental service. Since the enclosed photo booth will be stationed in one part of the event center, it is easier to locate. Contrary to what is obtainable in the enclosed photo booth, the outdoor photo booth rental can be a very tedious job.

4. Space requirement

The space required to set up the photo booth can also serve as a determining factor. It detects which type of photo booth rental services to engage. An enclosed photo booth tends to require more space than the typical outdoor photo booth. The area occupied by the enclosed photo booth can be put into another use.

5. Flexibility

The level of flexibility offered by the two photo booths varies greatly. While the enclosed photo booth gives you a chance to be as creative as possible, an outdoor photo booth presents a better option.


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